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Rabu, 17 Oktober 2012

Ao no Exorcist : Mephisto Pheles Cosplay

Scary but cool!! nice pose and really great effect!!
bout the cosplayer,
Name : Asuu
Country : Japan
WorldCosplay rangkings : 794

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Code Geass : C.C Cosplay

She looks so beauty *O*
natural make up and charming pose :D
bout the cosplayer :
Name : Evengeline Hana Victoria
Country : Australia
WorldCosplay Rangkings: 56
Hobby : Cosplaying, drawing cartoon.

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One Piece : Portgas D. Ace Cosplay

wahhh Kaname again >.<
he is so awesome in this pict!! his pose really look like Ace in impeldown >.<
name : Kaname
Country : Japan
WorldCosplay Rangkings : 15
This pict taken on 03/09/2010
Kaname's Note for this pict :  State of being deported from Impel Down to Marineford, declined to execution. Was all set to produce a prison Bars, door, threshold, etc ... for shooting chair. (インペルダウンからマリンフォードに送還され、処刑を控えている状態。鉄格子、扉、敷居、椅子etc...撮影用の牢獄セット全て制作しました。

Photo by : Feng Twin

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Bleach : Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay

yoosshh this is half pose of ichigo kurosaki cosplay, hope you like it :)
and a little bout the cosplayer :
Name : Kaname
Country : Japan
WorldCosplay rangkings : 15
this photo taken on 27/06/2009
photo by : Nana
favorite anime : Bleach, One Piece, Saint Seiya

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Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Sengoku Basara3/Devil king3 : Date Masamune Cosplay

here the next cool cosplay pic! he is so awesome!
this picture taken on 2012-06-25.
bout the cosplayer,
Name : Mayu
Country : Japan
WorldCosplay rangkings : 22
"I have been working in the main Sengoku BASARA.
Thank you!" said Mayu.

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Katekyo Hitman REBORN Cosplay

i love to see this pict, the photographer really good. Make up and Costume are really perfect! its so EPIC!
about the cosplayer,
As Dino : Kei
As Hibari : Manat
Country : Japan
Photographer : Mr. Mit (inisial)

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Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

Kuroko's Basketball : Ryota Kise Cosplay

yoosshh the next cosplayer pict is from kuroko's Basketball anime, ryota kise *O*
bout the cosplayer :
Name : Suya
Country : Hong Kong
gender : Female

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Vocaloid : Megurin Luka Cosplay

this one is really cute and charming as Luka :D
hope you like it :P
btw, this is a little bout the cosplayer,
name : Lita Yeon
country : South Korea
Worldcosplay rangkings : 46

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Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Angel Beats : Yui Cosplay

yoww, here it is yui from angel beats cosplay :D
have you watched it? well, yui is a cute and funny girl. she is the second singer of GirlsDeMo.
here a little bout the cosplayer,
Name : Kanda Laam
Country : Hong kong
WorldCosplay Rangkings : 19

my comment for her : uhh she is so cute, its making me envy >.< see, i love her eyes :D

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Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku cosplay

hey!! this is the next cosplay. and i choose to post Hatsune miku from vocaloid, i think this character is soooo cute :)
here a little about the cosplayer,
Real Name : Julie
Cosplay Name : Kirana
Country : Ukraine
WorldCosplay Rangkings : 195
she've been cosplaying since autumn 2009.

here is my comment for her : she is so beauty! she look so charming and deadly cute with miku-chan costume.. ITS EPIC! 

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One Piece: Dracule Mihawk Cosplay

yoosshh this is my first post. And here it is Dracule Mihawk cool cosplay!!
about him :
name : Usako
country : Japan
WorldCosplay rangkings : 738

my comment for him : well, you're awesome!! nice body and you're really look like mihawk!!
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